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NFL Rumors 2012: Donnie Avery On His Way To The New York Jets?

Hey, remember last year, when the St. Louis Rams were apparently so flush with talented wide receivers that they cut Donnie Avery? Apparently the 28-year-old former Rams second-rounder will be visiting the New York Jets, after his easy-to-miss stint with the Tennessee Titans saw him catch three balls for 45 yards and a touchdown. (That's right: We've reached the portion of the NFL rumors season where we're worried about what Donnie Avery will be doing next year.)

Avery never lived up to his potential in St. Louis, but given the bloodbath that ensued almost immediately after he was cut in 2011 I'm not sure the Rams feel so great about having cut him, in hindsight. (At least it opened a spot for Austin Pettis!)

No word yet* as to what Mardy Gilyard is doing with his free time. (Maybe he's taken up whittling?)

*Okay, okay, he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. You got it out of me. More SB Nation St. Louis coverage of Wide Receiver Drought 2012: