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2012 NFL Mock Draft: St. Louis Rams Go With Pass Protection In Contrarian Mock

Over at Mocking the Draft, in the fanposts sections, you'll find one of the most comprehensive, idiosyncratic 2012 NFL Mock Draft set-ups on the internet: Durst's 2012 MEGA MOCK. If you scroll down a surprisingly long distance to the No. 6 overall pick, where the St. Louis Rams have set up shop, you'll see a pick that, startlingly enough, is not Justin Blackmon. Instead Durst goes with Iowa OT Riley Reiff, reasoning that the Rams will have a better time with a second-round wide receiver than a second-round offensive lineman.

Certainly Sam Bradford needs protection almost as much as he needs a target—he was sacked 36 times last year in 10 starts, after going down just 34 times in all 16 2010 appearances—but it's hard to see the Rams passing up Justin Blackmon if they get the chance.

The key is that in Durst's mock, they don't—the Cleveland Browns, perhaps angry about not getting the Robert Griffin III pick, draft him at fourth overall.

More NFL Mock Draft coverage from SB Nation St. Louis, who would be pretty angry at the Cleveland Browns if they did that: