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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Justin Blackmon, St. Louis Rams Reconnect In Latest Mock

The St. Louis Rams and Justin Blackmon were separated briefly by a wild week of free agency wrangling, but as things cool down the 2012 NFL Mock Draft machine has begun spinning once more. At SB Nation they've brought the two together again, leaving the Cleveland Browns with Ryan Tannehill and the various offensive linemen and defensive tackles connected to the Rams in the last few days with new owners.

The whole draft is worth checking out, but for Rams fans the suspense has really abated unless and/or until some new piece of information changes the debate. Right now Justin Blackmon seems to have pretty good odds against the field, and nothing the Rams did in NFL free agency served to change that. (In fact, all their flailing after Mario Manningham probably enhanced it.)

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