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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Could The Cleveland Browns Take Justin Blackmon From Under Rams' Mock Noses?

The 2012 NFL Mock Draft consensus is that the St. Louis Rams will take Justin Blackmon with the sixth overall pick in the draft. I believe in this consensus, because right now the Rams will have Danny Amendola and the remaining pieces of Danario Alexander running down Sam Bradford's passes. I do not believe that the Cleveland Browns necessarily won't take him.

Ryan Tannehill solves the Browns' immediate problem—which is that they didn't have what it took to trade for Robert Griffin III—but it seems like a bad move to replace Griffin in the fans' consciousness with a less-impressive, identical quarterback.

I only have enough insight into the Browns' collective dog-head to be worried by it, but in a scenario like this giving Colt McCoy another year—with Justin Blackmon as his new option—seems like a completely palatable option, to me. It's one I'm worried about, considering the Rams don't have much use for Ryan Tannehill.

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