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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd's Fates Tied To Rams' Pick

The St. Louis Rams will still have a lot of choices when they pick sixth overall, but ever since they traded that No. 2 pick (also known as Robert Griffin III) to the Washington Redskins 2012 NFL Mock Draft experts have behaved as though Justin Blackmon were the last player available. Which is fair—except that there's another 2011 draft holdover wide receiver who could go in the top 10 come April. Michael Floyd hasn't gotten much press yet as a Rams option, but some mocks have him little removed from the Rams, as Blaine Gabbert's... well, his Justin Blackmon.

I don't see the Rams selecting Floyd ahead of Blackmon—it seems like we'd have gotten wind of that earlier—but if Blackmon gets picked early it's easy to see, after the Rams' failed wide receiver bids in NFL free agency, a situation in which their top options are all wide receivers, for better or worse.

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