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NFL Rumors 2012: Where Braylon Edwards Fits On The St. Louis Rams Depth Chart

Resolved: Braylon Edwards, one of the last name-brand wide receiver free agents, would be at the top of the St. Louis Rams' wide receiver depth chart in terms of brand recognition, and as a result stories connecting them on the NFL rumor mill are truly inevitable. (This is kind of one of them!) Question: Where would Braylon Edwards be on the real Rams' depth chart?

He fits, somehow, above and below the Rams' current receivers. He could somehow be worse than all of them, and certainly will have to improve to align with the workmanlike Brandon Gibson and Danny Amendola. Whether he does or doesn't, he'd probably be cut if he plays like he did in 2011. At the same time, he's at least a little more likely to turn into Braylon Edwards—not 2007, but maybe 2010—than either of those less peaky receivers.

Braylon Edwards is a lottery ticket. He's not the kind of sturdy number-two on which the Rams need to build their receiving corps, but if they look elsewhere first—to Justin Blackmon, perhaps—he could be a worthwhile gamble.

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