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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Robert Griffin III Makes Pro Day With Washington Redskins Brass Count

I don't want to act as though 2012 NFL Mock Draft writers' job is easy, exactly, but I will say that if the Washington Redskins don't select Robert Griffin III with the No. 2 pick—acquired from the St. Louis Rams—come April it will be because the draft was canceled after a shocking zombie apocalypse, not because they decided someone better had come along. Nevertheless: RG3's pro day at Baylor came and went without issue, confirming the quarterback's status as the second-best prospect in the draft.

With "Thriller" playing in the background, and the mandate that it "not be so uptight like the combine can be," Griffin wasn't going to surprise anybody who'd already seen him play. But with Mike Shanahan and Daniel Snyder in attendance—among other NFL executives—it was a fine chance for the Washington Redskins and their expensive quarry to get some pre-draft face time. Let's hope, for their sake, that the Redskins' brass liked what they saw.

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