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Tim Tebow To Jets Could Fall Through; Rumored Trade With St. Louis Rams Reemerges

The St. Louis Rams are contenders in the Tim Tebow trade sweepstakes after the New York Jets hit some snags.

Full-disclosure: Nobody in Missouri has any idea what Tim Tebow would do as a member of the St. Louis Rams, especially now that his patron, Josh McDaniels, has returned to the Patriots. But as the Tebow-to-Jets stuff hits some potentially serious snags, the Rams appear to have reemerged as trade candidates among the rumoring class. Who are apparently bored with the New York Jets.

Why? Well, no reason, so far as we can tell. Tebow would make a fine backup quarterback, but his built-in fanbase means that the chatter around him could drown Sam Bradford out after a few mediocre weeks. With Jeff Fisher and company committed to Bradford for the long haul, having a backup quarterback who's even more popular than the man who you want to play every down in 2012 could become a real issue.

Tebow's useful in a million other ways, and with McDaniels as the offensive coordinator I was legitimately interested in what he could do with Tebow as an ersatz tight-end/running back with the ability to make some startling two-quarterback formations work. I'm not sure Jeff Fisher has the desire to do that—as a result, I'm not sure why the Rams have the desire to break into these trade talks.