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Tim Tebow-St. Louis Rams Rumors Overstated According To New Report

The St. Louis Rams and Tim Tebow have been connected since earlier Wednesday, when the Tebow to Jets trade stalled over some unforeseen salary cap issues, but Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports via Twitter that the news about Tebow was a little overstated. Apparently the Rams' sniffing around Tebow was based in a more general interest in backup quarterbacks, which doesn't sound like the kind of thing that will bowl over the Denver Broncos.

I've talked up the Rams trading for Tebow in the past—before Tebow-mania—but that was back when Josh McDaniels, his NFL patron, was their offensive coordinator. A team with the kind of offense flexible and wild enough to use Tebow as a gadget quarterback could get a lot of their ostensible backup besides jersey sales, but the Rams, who are now under a more staid Jeff Fisher regime, don't seem like the right fit.

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