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Tim Tebow Trade Aftermath: The St. Louis Rams' Chances Left With Josh McDaniels

For a moment, Wednesday, the St. Louis Rams were caught in the middle of the biggest—for better or worse—trade rumors of the offseason—when the Tim Tebow Jets trade fell through, the Rams somehow became the prime "benefactors," turning for a while into the major foil to the Jets' heavily favored first option. Eventually, of course, the deal went through (again), and the New York Jets are now the proud owner of the most ridiculous creator of quarterback controversies on earth.

Of course this never made sense for the Rams—not once Josh McDaniels left, taking his wild offense and his crush on Tim Tebow with him—but I'm also not quite sure what the Jets, with their staid offense and apparent investment in Mark Sanchez, have to gain from setting the tabloids on fire in town. The only one of these rumors that ever made any sense was the one in which the Jacksonville Jaguars brought Tebow home to compete with Blaine Gabbert, whose rookie season was about 0.6 Clausens on the disaster scale.

But it's happened, and now we have to deal with it. Turn off ESPN, for your own sake.

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