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Tim Tebow Trade: New York Jets Will Run Wildcat With "Backup" Tebow

When, Wednesday afternoon, it looked briefly like Tim Tebow might shirk the New York Jets for the Jacksonville Jaguars or the St. Louis Rams, I wondered just what Tebow saw in the Jets' offer. The press in New York is likely to be far worse than he'll get anywhere else, Mark Sanchez, for all his problems, still held the starting job, and—I thought—he'd be entering an offense much more conservative than the one he left. As it turns out, that wasn't the case: The Jets will be running the wildcat more than they probably expected earlier this season.

That's really the only way to employ Tebow as a backup quarterback, given the circus atmosphere he's likely to impart on a locker room, and as a football fan who likes to watch strange, different football I'm glad it's happening. Tebow is probably the most impressive Wildcat specimen in football, and if the formation has a long-term future in professional football we're likely to see it this year.

More Tim Tebow coverage from SB Nation St. Louis, which—for all its apparent ambivalence—is at least a little disappointed about not getting Tebow: