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NFL Free Agency: Arizona Cardinals Resign Early Doucet, Wide Receiver Slate Gets Even Thinner For Rams

For a while, now, the list of wide receivers still available during the NFL free agency season has been dwindling; as of a few days ago, the top names on it were Braylon Edwards, Early Doucet, and Giants Steve Smith. Now they're just Braylon Edwards and Giants Steve Smith—the Arizona Cardinals resigned Early Doucet on a two-year deal. The St. Louis Rams' shopping list, if it still exists, just got even smaller.

The Rams have been connected with wide receivers all year—for a while they were a sure thing to sign Mario Manningham—but they failed to close the deal with any of them, leaving Sam Bradford's wide receiver corps even barer than it was at the end of the season, when the Rams at least had a disgruntled Brandon Lloyd to throw to.

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