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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Justin Blackmon Will Have To Produce Early To Justify St. Louis Rams' Pick

One side of the ubiquitous St. Louis Rams 2012 NFL Mock Draft pick—Justin Blackmon at No. 6—is easy to consider. The Rams have a distinctly unimpressive set of wide receivers, and Blackmon would immediately slot in atop them. Here's the other, less flattering side of that: To justify the Rams' pick, Justin Blackmon would have to produce immediately, because the Rams don't have anybody else.

Which is not to say he wouldn't—the National Football Post's latest mock draft lists his ability to perform immediately among his strengths—but the pressure for Blackmon would be higher in St. Louis, where he has a supposed franchise quarterback and a guaranteed ton of touches, than it would be anyplace else.

Here's hoping he can do it—if he doesn't, the Rams will have to throw Danny Amendola the ball 125 times again.

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