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NFL Mock Draft 2012: How Far Could Michael Floyd Fall?

Last year Michael Floyd was a fixture in the first half of the average mock draft, often ending up with the St. Louis Rams. This year—with some character issues and a possible trip to the supplemental draft behind him—Floyd seems to have remained remarkably stable in early 2012 NFL Mock Draft returns, often going just behind Justin Blackmon. But recently several mocks have showed what looks like a gradually declining draft stock for the Notre Dame alum—at the National Football Post he recently fell to 22nd, where the Cleveland Browns grabbed him for Ryan Tannehill, their first pick. Just how far is Floyd going to fall?

First: Probably not all the way to the Rams in the second round, though 22nd overall is weirdly close. Second: It all depends on whether the Rams select Justin Blackmon. If they do, Floyd is the clear second choice for any team that needs a wide receiver; if they don't, Blackmon could tumble a few spots himself, potentially confusing the Floyd market.

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