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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Trent Richardson The Most Reliable Player In The Draft?

NFL Mock Draft 2012 euphemism update: Recently Trent Richardson has been described in a few mocks as an especially reliable or sure-thingy choice in a top-of-the-draft that seems already to be filled with them. Richardson might be a great prospect—certainly the best running back—but what they really mean when they say that is this: Running backs are at their best in the first few years of their career, before their legs are crushed underneath them and they're forced out of football on crutches at 27.

Which is good if you'd like to win now, and all you're missing is a running back. Or if you have a lot of weapons for your young quarterback but you're missing a change-of-pace that can keep the pressure off him.

But: Neither of those describes the St. Louis Rams. Richardson is a great running back prospect, band the Rams will eventually need a new one. But now's not the time, and No. 6 overall is not the place.

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