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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Justin Blackmon Eerily Right For Cleveland Browns At No. 4

This is it, St. Louis Rams fans: This is what we've spent all this time worrying about. The Cleveland Browns finally seem to be aware that for Justin Blackmon to fall to the Rams at No. 6, they have to not pick him at No. 4. And as this Plain-Dealer blog post suggests, once that realization comes he rapidly becomes their best option. If the Browns want to give Colt McCoy another chance—he really was pretty good in 2010, if also pretty not-good in 2011—Blackmon might be the best weapon they can give him to survive another season.

This puts the Rams in a deeply awkward position—in the blog entry's accompanying mock, they pick Morris Claiborne, despite having just signed Cortland Finnegan to an enormous contract. St. Louis's best hope is that the Browns decide they want to emphasize the run and select Trent Richardson. Since that more or less involves hoping that the Browns have made a huge mistake, I'm skeptical of how well it will work, but never bet against an NFL team overvaluing a big running-game name.

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