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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Matt Kalil "Set In Stone" For Minnesota Vikings

For a long time now, in all but the most contrarian 2012 NFL Mock Drafts, we've known what the top two picks will be: Andrew Luck to the Colts at No. 1, and Robert Griffin to the Redskins, via the St. Louis Rams, at No. 2. Now, one of the biggest of the mock drafters, is suggesting that No. 3 should be "set in stone" as well—they think there's simply no way the Minnesota Vikings won't take Matt Kalil.

They appear to be all in on Christian Ponder, despite his imperfect debut in 2011, and a super-tackle like Kalil would go a long way to justifying that leap of faith. (Note: I just realized that Christian, ponder, and "leap of faith" could be structured into some kind of horrifying super-pun. This is not my intent.) When you look at it that way, it's hard to see the pick going anywhere else—they have no need for a running back, Blackmon's just a reach when Kalil's around, and Morris Claiborne doesn't fit their defensive scheme.

It's hard to admit it, as someone who before the big trade wrote about countless mock drafts in which the Rams were guaranteed to choose Kalil at No. 2, whereupon Sam Bradford would never be sacked again and Danny Amendola would turn into Justin Blackmon anyway, with all that time, but it appears to be true: Matt Kalil is the next member of the Vikings. Begin ordering the jerseys. People always buy offensive lineman jerseys, right? That wasn't just Rams fans before Kurt Warner?

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