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NFL Mock Draft 2012: St. Louis Rams Get Justin Blackmon If Others Draft To Stereotype

Here, I think, is the best way to summarize the St. Louis Rams' chances of snaring Justin Blackmon in any one 2012 NFL Mock Draft (or the real thing, for that matter): If the teams in front of the Rams draft according to stereotype, the Rams get Blackmon -- fulfilling their own stereotype, if you haven't updated it since 2001. If they don't, the Rams don't. Because all this comes down to whether the Cleveland Browns want a franchise running back, Trent Richardson, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers want a future defensive star, Morris Claiborne.

The latest Mocking the Draft mock is a great example. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are shoo-ins, and Matt Kalil is rapidly approaching shoo-in status at No. 3, but the Browns draft Trent Richardson because they're the Browns and the Buccaneers pick Morris Claiborne because they're the Buccaneers.

Don't get me wrong: I am entirely in favor of this kind of stereotyping. But that's mostly for Sam Bradford's sake. More similarly biased Mock Draft recaps and analysis from SB Nation St. Louis: