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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Are The St. Louis Rams Ready For Justin Blackmon?

Ever since the St. Louis Rams traded their Robert Griffin III pick to the Washington Redskins 2012 NFL Mock Draft-makers have connected the Rams almost exclusively to Justin Blackmon, the top wide receiver in the draft and a natural fit at No. 6 overall. But Turf Show Times has an interesting counterpoint to the Rams-need-a-receiver point: Are the Rams ready to draft a receiver sixth overall?

In his formulation, the Rams are still deeply in need of an offensive lineman to protect Sam Bradford—just like they were in earlier mock drafts, where the Rams stayed at No. 2 and selected Matt Kalil. There are fewer offensive linemen who look like the best player available at No. 6, but if the Rams need one it might be worth trading down again to get him, instead of going through with the pick.

I think the Rams will pick Justin Blackmon, if he's available, and I'm in favor of it, but in listing Blackmon's and the Rams' deficiencies TST's Douglas M does a good job of explaining the case against it.

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