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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Morris Claiborne The St. Louis Rams' Justin Blackmon Fallback

For three weeks after the St. Louis Rams traded the Washington Redskins their No. 2 pick—basically Robert Griffin III—for the No. 6 and two more first-rounders, 2012 NFL Mock Draft types have given the Rams Justin Blackmon, despite the fact that the Cleveland Browns—choosing fourth overall—also need a wide receiver for their beleaguered young quarterback. Of late, a new counter-current has emerged: The Browns selecting Blackmon, leaving the Rams in the dark on their sixth overall pick.

The latest mock draft leaves the Rams with Morris Claiborne—despite having signed Cortland Finnegan to an enormous contract. Claiborne is great, but the Rams' defense has already been the focus of their NFL free agency goings-on; if Sam Bradford can't get a wide receiver or an offensive lineman in the first round, things might be awkward.