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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Andrew Luck-Robert Griffin III Switch Talk Continues, For Some Reason

I don't know when this started, but the first time I saw 2012 NFL Mock Draft writers—apparently bored with the status quo—switch Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III around was last week. Now it seems like every day there's a new piece of news designed to plant the thought inside draft fans' heads just long enough to get them to watch the first half-an-hour, where Luck and Griffin will be drafted. The latest: At FanNation, word that the National Football Post's observers believe Griffin to have a stronger arm than Luck.

Arm strength isn't everything, or even most things—god bless, Jamarcus Russell—but it's just another plank on the Griffin-Luck-switcheroo platform.

Which remains, I should add, completely implausible. Each of these teams has made an enormous sacrifice to get in position to draft their chosen quarterback—the Indianapolis Colts waived the best quarterback of all time, and the Washington Redskins traded the St. Louis Rams a million draft picks for the privilege of selecting Robert Griffin III. I don't see either of them deciding against Their Guy after that.'

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