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Magic Johnson Group Buys Los Angeles Dodgers; Stan Kroenke Stuck With Rams

Magic Johnson and Stan Kasten's bid to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgersat more than $2 billion—reportedly went through late Tuesday night, ending a bizarre storyline in which it seemed as though Stan Kroenke, the St. Louis Rams' new owner, already in hot water for violating the NFL's cross-sport ownership rule, looked set to do it again. Magic and co. have saved St. Louis the hassle of freaking out about Kroenke's perennially enigmatic behavior about then Rams' future outside Southern California.

At least, today. Back when it seemed as though the Rams owner might win the bidding it emerged as a line of contrarian thought that having the Dodgers in Los Angeles might clearly and permanently constrain his ability to the Rams. At this point I'm not sure Stan Kroenke is convinced any rules apply to him, but surely Roger Goodell would have to make a move eventually, right? Right?

At this point, only one thing is certain—Dodgers fans will have Magic Johnson's broad smile to look forward to from now on, instead of Kroenke's inscrutable grin. Good for them.