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NFL Mock Draft 2012: St. Louis Rams Trade Down From No. 6 In Strange Scenario

I like the way the new MTD 2012 NFL Mock Draft sets its cards down: It's eccentric; it knows it's eccentric; and it just wants to entertain you in the wake of all those samey mock drafts you've seen since the St. Louis Rams traded down the first time. That's right, the first time: In Brad Wells's newest mock draft, they've made yet another trade, moving down to 17 and 21 with the Cincinnati Bengals as dance partners. Is it a real rumor? Well, not yet. But it's interesting.

In this scenario the Rams switch out Justin Blackmon for Michael Floyd, who's fallen down draft boards of late and here reaches them at No. 17 overall. At No. 21 the Rams continue to rebuild a defensive line slowed down by age and decimated for salary cap reasons, choosing LSU's Michael Brockers. As for the usual suspects, Matt Kalil falls to No. 7—and if that happens, I don't want the Rams even thinking about trading the No. 6 pick—and Justin Blackmon goes all the way at No. 12, to the Seattle Seahawks.

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