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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Morris Claiborne "A Luxury" For St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams' selection in the No. 2 draft is—in the wake of the Gregg Williams allegations—the pleasantest thing left to talk about round the Edward Jones Dome this offseason, and Turf Show Times has done more than its share of speculating on what the Rams will do with it. TST—or RamHock, at least—does have one suggestion: Not Morris Claiborne, who'd be a luxury on a team that's demonstrated, in an unfortunately crucial way, its depth at the position.

In all honestly I'm not sure what the Rams demonstrated last year was classifiable as depth in any way but the most technical, and a player like Claibornee would make an immediate difference in the Rams' ability to defend against the increasingly dominant quarterbacks of the pass-happy NFL. If they have any desire to go defense-first with the pick, Claiborne would make the most sense to me.

But for a year, at least, the defensive growth can come from Robert Quinn and Chris Long. This team needs offense, however it can get it. Whether it's Matt Kalil or an upgrade at a flashier position or a trade for depth all over the place, I'd rather the Rams focus on putting points on the board than taking them off.