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Gregg Williams Had Bounty System As Head Coach In Buffalo, According To Report

As more information continues to come out about St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and his bounty system, it continues to become clear that this was not something that occurred only in New Orleans. According to a report from Tim Graham of, in which he spoke to Coy Wire, Williams had a bounty system for his defense while he was the head coach in Buffalo:

Williams was the Bills' head coach from 2001 through 2003. Wire joined the team in 2002 and said an environment of "malicious intent" was in place when he arrived.

"That's real," Wire said by phone from Atlanta. "That happened in Buffalo.

"There were rewards. There never was a point where cash was handed out in front of the team. But surely, you were going to be rewarded. When somebody made a big hit that hurt an opponent, it was commended and encouraged."

Wire insisted he never received a bounty reward. He said he didn't remember how the payment structure was set up or how much cash was doled out for particular hits.

Williams is set to meet with the NFL on Monday to discuss more on the bounty system that was in place.

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