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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Justin Blackmon Makes Sense For St. Louis Rams—At 6th Overall

The St. Louis Rams have been connected to Justin Blackmon in 2012 NFL Mock Draft talk since the moment he announced he wouldn’t be declaring for the 2011 NFL Draft, but unfortunately for farsighted mock drafters everywhere, the Rams in 2012 managed to do a little worse than anybody anticipated. At No. 2 overall, it’s been said, the Rams simply can’t take Blackmon when an offensive lineman like Matt Kalil is around. At No. 6, though—well, enough Robert Griffin III trade rumors can make anything happen.

At sixth overall the Rams still need an offensive line that can keep Sam Bradford on his feet, but with Kalil off the board—and their pick traded, presumably, for some depth at those more important positions—Blackmon makes considerably more sense. He might be the flashiest, most superficial pick, but at sixth overall he’s also the most substantive, which is a neat trick.

It all comes down to the demand for RGIII. If the Rams are able to deal with their OT problem elsewhere—and it’s not like they haven’t been trying since before Sam Bradford was even the franchise quarterback—Blackmon could give Bradford someone more dynamic than Danny Amendola and healthier than Danario Alexander to throw to, not that those two qualities are particularly difficult to find.