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Gregg Williams's Bounty Program Raises Question: What Pro Football Player Needs Bounty Cash Anyway?

At the National Football Post there's an interesting look at the bounty program Gregg Williams is in hot water for instituting from someone who isn't looking at it from a moral vantage point. Joe Fortenbaugh raises a question that everyone likely had the moment they looked at the sums that were being put on quarterbacks' heads: What kind of multi-millionaire pro football player needed such a relatively piddling incentive to hit Brett Favre extra-hard?

Perhaps this is another way to look at the question of Williams's effectiveness: If it took five-figure sums to get these seven-figure athletes interested in playing as hard as they could, was the New Orleans Saints' staff already failing to get its defense sufficiently motivated on a weekly basis?

I think this is a clear secondary concern to the real problems this is raising throughout the NFL, but it's worth talking about; there's something fundamentally odd about having to get football players excited in the same way Chuck E. Cheese tries to get grade schoolers excited about good report cards, especially given how many tokens they're already paid.