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Randy Moss's Comeback Would Be My Favorite St. Louis Rams Storyline Ever

Sure, Randy Moss's comeback tour has begun with the New Orleans Saints, and sure, a retired 35-year-old Hall of Famer who seems to harbor no particular love for the game of football seems like an unlikely pick for a St. Louis Rams team whose recent high water mark is seven wins. But don't the Saints owe us after that whole Gregg Williams thing? I'm pretty sure "owing us" is sufficient cause for them to sign Moss, then immediately turn him over to the Rams, for Sam Bradford's use as a star-making number-one wide receiver.


Okay: I'm not sure it makes any sense for Moss, but a veteran wide receiver available at a discount for extracurricular reasons and capable of performing at a Pro Bowl level seems like the perfect risk for a Rams team desperate for receivers more dynamic than Danny Amendola to take. The worst-case scenario, so far as I can tell, is that a locker room currently being torn apart by the potential expulsion of its brand-new defensive coordinator for putting out a hit on Kurt Warner is disrupted by a guy who's petulant and moody a lot.