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Gregg Williams Scandal: The NFL Establishment Readies The Bottom Of The Bus

As Gregg Williams's former employers the New Orleans Saints await their penalties for participating in what's come to be known as the bounty program scandal, the St. Louis Rams' ostensible defensive coordinator finds his support in the NFL about as slim as you'd expect it to be. This problem is almost certainly NFL-wide, but now that Williams is primarily associated with it you can bet he's going to be treated like a plague patient as defensive coordinators everywhere say they're shocked, shocked to see that bounty hunting was going on in this establishment.

Or, as Joe Strauss tweeted Tuesday:

Right now Gregg Williams is poison. Anybody who publicly defends his policies is setting themselves up with a date for the wrong side of a rapidly approaching history; anybody who defends him personally is just taking an undue risk. I can't imagine Jeff Fisher imagined his job as head coach of a cursed franchise would get weird so soon, but here it is.