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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Ryan Tannehill Could Be This Year's Green Room Tragedy

With the internet providing hourly 2012 NFL Mock Draft updates, a player's momentum heading into draft day is more fluid and more artificial than it's ever been before. That means a lot of things, but for fans of awkward television it means one thing most of all: The odds of a green room tragedy, an erstwhile top-10 lock finding himself stuck in the studio until the end of the first round, are higher than ever. The most likely winner of this dubious prize in 2012 is none other than the No. 3 quarterback, former Browns target Ryan Tannehill.

He falls to No. 15 in the latest SB Nation mock draft, which isn't as bad as it could get—the Philadelphia Eagles would like him, but he's far from necessary on a team that wants to compete right now. Tannehill's a good quarterback prospect, but his top-five positioning looked from the beginning to be—at least in part—an illusion caused by the gravitational pull of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.

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