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NFL Power Rankings 2012: The St. Louis Rams' Preseason Placement

It's happening: The NFL Power Rankings engine is spinning up for 2012. The rest of the spring will be filled with preseason power rankings, meta-power-rankings, meta-meta-power-rankings, and pre-preseason power rankings. Turf Show Times has their own list out now, and it's far from homerism—the St. Louis Rams, for all their offseason moving and shaking, have leapt from 31 all the way to 26. At least that's ahead of their trading partners, the No. 28 Washington Redskins, right?


26 seems just about perfect, to me. The Rams are going to be better—they'll regress, because they were uncommonly and implausibly bad, and they've also improved on defense. But Sam Bradford's supporting cast is still an open question, and Steven Jackson will be another year older.


As for the big winners, and losers, the Jacksonville Jaguars are predictably at the bottom and the Green Bay Packers are predictably—wait, not No. 1? I'll make you click through to find out just why, but rest assured that you'll probably be as pissed off as the author was for writing it.