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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Could St. Louis Rams, Justin Blackmon Be A Near Miss?

Last year the St. Louis Rams were pegged almost-right in the NFL Mock Draft. 2012 might see the same near-miss transference; if it does, what would that mean for the Rams and their omnipresent mock draft pick, Justin Blackmon?

In 2011 the Rams, sitting at No. 13, found themselves connected to Corey Liuget for most of the mock draft season—and they might have chosen him, except that a superior defensive prospect, Robert Quinn, eventually fell to them there. Quinn was strong in his first season with the Rams—though for whatever reason he didn't play very much.

Justin Blackmon is the top prospect in his category, but the 2012 equivalent of this move comes in good news and bad news varieties for your correspondent. The good news would be if Matt Kalil were somehow still available at No. 6; an outstanding offensive lineman is the only thing that could help Sam Bradford even more than Blackmon would.

The bad news: Trent Richardson. He's a better running back than Justin Blackmon is a wide receiver, but he's still a running back. There are probably some great kickers out there, too.

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