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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Who's Still In On Justin Blackmon?

Here are the primary 2012 NFL Mock Draft questions for St. Louis Rams fans, so far as I can tell: Who else needs Justin Blackmon? Who else is still interested in drafting him? With Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III pinned to their spots on the draft board, the Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are all that stands ominously between the Rams and their prized wide receiver quarry.

The Vikings, at least, shouldn't take Justin Blackmon. They have Matt Kalil sitting in their laps, but they've still at least pretended to be interested, if only so they can later yell, "Psych!" and give the Browns a boogie. The Browns are the biggest threat to the Rams' Blackmon dreams; Pat Shurmur would love him, and Colt McCoy will need him. But they appear to be at least as into Trent Richardson.

As for the Buccaneers—well, someone has to take Morris Claiborne in these mock drafts, and for the most part it's them.

That leaves the Rams at No. 6. The path—three other teams performing complex draft calculus—is fraught, but the Rams could still end up with Blackmon on draft day.

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