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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Trent Richardson, St. Louis Rams Continue Dangerous Flirtation

It looks like those of us who both enjoy the St. Louis Rams and believe Trent Richardson—and running back as a position—is overrated are now completely out of luck for the remainder of 2012 NFL Mock Draft season: The No. 6 pick and the back that launched a million Adrian Peterson comparisons are inseparable as of late, with Mike Mayock the latest convert.

Trent Richardson might be the next Adrian Peterson, but it's worth noting that Adrian Peterson has only been The Adrian Peterson—who takes 300 carries and can carry an offense on his back, or even who had 238 incredible carries as a rookie—three times in five years. Last year he took 208 carries in 12 games; he's 27 and he's almost definitely played his best football already.

Either a running back makes your team great now, because now is when he's playing his best football, or why draft him? The Rams had a pretty good running back last year, and they sucked. Trent Richardson won't make them great, but he will start the odometer already.