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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Has Justin Blackmon's Star Fallen?

In recent months' 2012 NFL Mock Drafts Justin Blackmon, the consensus No. 1 wide receiver, has gone as high as third overall, but recent trends suggest his momentum could be on the wane. Mocking the Draft does a fine job at the link of showing just how broad-based his fall has been; he's fallen back in general, against other wide receivers—Michael Floyd has occasionally been mocked ahead of him—and even in scouting reports working with the same information they've always had.

That, of course, is the most peculiar part; the player who was sure-handed and dynamic, a nearly complete No. 1, in February has now, in some circles, been downgraded to "just" a possession receiver. Blackmon was never A.J. Green or Julio Jones, but it's been surprising to see how quickly his star has fallen. The good news is that this makes it more likely still that the St. Louis Rams will be able to nab him at No. 6...

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