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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Michael Floyd Could Overtake Justin Blackmon As Draft Day Approaches

If you learn one thing from this especially protracted 2012 NFL Mock Draft cycle, let it be this: No amount of good or bad momentum can overpower a later trust of good or bad momentum. Michael Floyd is this week's primary beneficiary; after falling back toward the bottom of the first round in February and March, Floyd has come so far as to threaten Justin Blackmon's wide receiver primacy in certain mocks; he's even gone to our own St. Louis Rams once or twice at No. 6.

Of course, this is the news cycle at work. Michael Floyd hasn't done anything good or bad to justify this move; it's just that he's Blackmon's big, athletic opposite number in the exact moment that Blackmon has been attacked by some, or at least pigeon-holed, as "strictly a possession receiver."

I remain convinced that this switch is a fluke, more about that protracted news cycle than anything else. But I also wouldn't feel especially bad if the Rams ended up with either one of these receivers.

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