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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Justin Blackmon's Draft Stock Continues Its Inexplicable Plummet

Easily the most confusing 2012 NFL Mock Draft trend to date for St. Louis Rams fans: Justin Blackmon, who this time last month apparently still had a long-shot chance at going No. 3 overall, continues to see his draft stock plummet in mid-April. Turf Show Times has the story about what is presumably rock bottom: Reports are out that some teams see him as nothing more than a second-round pick.

After a year in which teams and scouts alike seemed perfectly happy with Blackmon's physical tools he's been recast, suddenly, as a not-quite-fast-enough not-quite-big-enough possession receiver, a kind of super-powered Danny Amendola, in the absence of any new evidence. It seems more than plausible that some of this is a smokescreen, but this could still be the start of a permanent move in favor of more physically impressive Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd.

Combined with all the talk about potentially trading down to the middle of the first round, it's clear that things are not nearly as certain about the Rams' 2012 NFL Draft strategy as they appeared to be a while ago.

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