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NFL Mock Draft 2012: St. Louis Rams' Coach Talks Trade With Cleveland Browns

I'm not sure I appreciate St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher horning in on my territory, here; making up 2012 NFL Mock Draft rumors is the internet's job, not some multi-millionaire head coach who actually has a say in personnel decisions. He told Mike and Mike in the Morning that the Rams would consider all trade offers, which is one thing—he also specifically mentioned the Cleveland Browns, which is another thing.

So far all that thing is is weird; I'm not sure what the Browns would do with the sixth pick that they won't do with the fourth, and I'm not sure the Rams have any need to trade up unless—and god knows I hope I'm wrong—they're interested in Trent Richardson and afraid they can't get him.

So thanks, Jeff Fisher—first you take my gig, then you ruin my appetite. I appreciate it.

That was sarcasm, Jeff, just in case you didn't catch it; that's the other thing we overproduce on the internet.

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