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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Trent Richardson Stalks Trade Rumors For Rams, Browns

Time for another possible interruption to the St. Louis Rams' month-long 2012 NFL Mock Draft complacency: Trade rumors about the Rams and the Cleveland Browns continue to ferment in the weeks leading up to the draft, in some cases being fomented by Jeff Fisher himself. The presumptive target in all this: Trent Richardson, who in the absence of Ryan Tannehill typically goes No. 4 overall to the Browns.

I don't want them to draft Richardson at all, let alone with a draft-day trade, but it looks like that's a more likely outcome now than it was a week ago. Richardson will be a great running back, and a fine replacement for Steven Jackson when he moves on to his Cantonly reward, but even the real Steven Jackson hasn't been able to keep the Rams from sinking into the morass over the last few years; what's his replacement going to do, but run even less often?

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