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NFL Mock Draft 2012: How Far Might Ryan Tannehill Fall?

About a month ago, 2012 NFL Mock Draft logic had it that Ryan Tannehill was going to cause a miniature version of the flap that accompanied Robert Griffin III's availability at No. 2—the Cleveland Browns might take him themselves at No. 4, or else teams would fight to get into the Top 5 to draft this week's fast-moving quarterback.

Now—well, that's not happening. The Cleveland Browns' pick is most interesting to opposing teams because Trent Richardson's draft stock has shot up, and Tannehill's position continues to worsen as we get closer to the draft. So where could he fall?

Miami Dolphins: This is the first logical option for Tannehill. The Dolphins' quarterback situation is entirely unclear, but they have enough warm bodies to give him a year on the bench to improve. At No. 8 he still feels like an overdraft to me, but it could happen.

Arizona Cardinals: Kevin Kolb is 28 years old and has yet to have a full, solid season as a starting quarterback. He was perfectly usable in 2011, but that's really the kind of situation in which Tannehill should be going—he's not Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III, and he doesn't need to be starting from day one.

Philadelphia Eagles: This is where Tannehill makes sense for me—at No. 15 overall. Mike Vick is 32-years-old and plays football in a way calculated to create the maximum number of injury situations. Tannehill could be a solid backup now—if unsuited for the Eagles' current offense—and a solid replacement for Vick after another year or two of shots to the head.

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