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NFL Mock Draft 2012: When Will Justin Blackmon Stop Falling?

No random 2012 NFL Mock Draft stock change has been so important to the St. Louis Rams' options at the No. 6 pick as the one that's currently hitting Justin Blackmon. After months as an autopilot pick in the top six, with the Rams the backstop to his draft value, Blackmon's stock has been plummeting—seemingly for no readily apparent reason. Analysts, or at least fanalysts, have begun to doubt his upside as anything more than a future possession receiver, whatever that is, exactly, leaving Michael Floyd to lap up the excess attention.

In the latest SB Nation NFL Mock Draft, the Rams snag their latest fling, Trent Richardson, leaving Blackmon to fall to the Miami Dolphins at No. 8. I can't see him falling much farther than that, but if the Dolphins or the Buffalo Bills—another nice spot for him—find themselves more attracted to Floyd, who is left for the Bears at No. 19 here, Blackmon could tumblr some more.

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