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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Will Someone Really Trade The Cleveland Browns For Ryan Tannehill?

It's become the biggest 2012 NFL Mock Draft inevitability since the St. Louis Rams traded the Robert Griffin III pick—somebody's going to trade the Cleveland Browns for their No. 4—and Ryan Tannehill. The new SB Nation Mock Draft is the latest to suggest this, saying that, whoever drafts him at No. 4, it seems like somebody will.

I get that, in the wake of Andrew Luck and RG3, teams have become obsessed with quarterbacks... and they're right to be. Quarterbacks are more important now than they've ever been, and they'll get more important indefinitely. But for the Cleveland Browns—or anybody else—to overdraft a quarterback who is not in their class just because they found themselves on the outside of the Robert Griffin III sweepstakes is the height of drafting for need—that need seemingly being to placate a fanbase—instead of for talent.

Personally, I still don't see it happening—which is why Ryan Tannehill dangled so long in our own 2012 NFL Mock Draft, before finally going today.

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