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NFL Schedule 2012: How Will The NFC West Shake Out?

The St. Louis Rams' 2012 NFL schedule is six percent less mysterious than the average team's—we know, thanks to the NFL schedule types' cosmopolitan fancies, that Week 8 will be against the New England Patriots in London—but Tuesday night's big, silly reveal will answer some other burning questions. Like:

1. Which NFC West team will the Rams face in Week 11, with the season suddenly looking plausibly successful and this game serving as a potentially massive roadblock to our perpetually dented credibility? Usually it seems like this role belongs to the Seattle Seahawks, and I don't like to futz with tradition. But I'm feeling Kevin Kolb and the Arizona Cardinals for this role, for some reason.

2. Which of the cold-weather teams they're set to play on the road will the Rams have to deal with in the middle of winter? Right now it's either the Chicago Bears, the Detroit Lions, or the Buffalo Bills, but I have no reason to believe this won't just be one after the other, with Sam Bradford eventually retiring to spend more time in California circa the 1980s with his supermodel girlfriend.

3. Who will be the last team the Rams face while they still have a .500 record? Depending on how you feel about this team, you're going to want to wait until they release information about Week 1, Week 8, or Week 17.

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