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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Are Michael Floyd And The Chicago Bears Through?

Of all the formerly lock-tight 2012 NFL Mock Draft cliche selections, none is looking so unlikely right now as the one that had Notre Dame's Michael Floyd falling all the way down to the Chicago Bears, who'd pair him with Brandon Marshall, at No. 19. Since that became gospel Floyd's made a slow trip up the wide receiver rankings, where he now seems to share the top spot with long-time draft frontrunner—and presumptive Top 10 pick—Justin Blackmon. If Floyd is now even, in mock-draft-analyst's minds, with the St. Louis Rams' longtime quarry, are Floyd and the Bears through?

Well, probably, but the same arbitrary forces that brought Floyd up could easily bring him down before draft day. This is just the nature of draft momentum—it expands and recedes tidally, and with just as much earthly intervention, and since Floyd did little but have a good combine to earn it in the first place teams could be warned off without anything new coming up. If you're a Bears fan who misses how close you and Floyd used to be, SB Nation's latest 2012 NFL Mock Draft has Floyd and the Bears connecting at No. 19 like old times.

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