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NFL Draft 2012: Michael Floyd Or Stephen Hill If Justin Blackmon's Off The Board?

Here's a novel suggestion at Turf Show Times: Stephen Hill, not Michael Floyd, as the top not-Justin-Blackmon wide receiver in the 2012 NFL Draft. Hill, a big, fast wide receiver for Georgia Tech, is all the way down at No. 4 in's wide receiver prospect rankings, and this is one of those situations where even if he tops the Rams' draft board it makes no sense to take him at No. 6, simply because nobody else will.

In any case, Hill is a high-variance pick who could make a lot of sense with one of the Rams' second-round picks. With Georgia Tech Hill was doomed to relative anonymity; he simply wasn't going to get thrown to enough, no matter how good he was. Any product of the combine is at least a little frightening, but if he's still around in the second round—especially if the Rams find themselves without Justin Blackmon—he makes a lot of sense.

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