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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd Could Be Gone In A Hurry, more famous for its own 2012 NFL Mock Draft, kicked off April with a reader-created mock draft made up of picks conducted by reader vote, and the results suggest that the St. Louis Rams could get away with a top-tier wide receiver—but only barely. They grab Justin Blackmon at No. 6 overall, but the Jacksonville Jaguars, desperate to save their Blaine Gabbert pick from last year, snag formerly free-falling Notre Dame star Michael Floyd at No. 7.

That's an early slot for the second-best receiver in the draft, especially given his DUI and the other character concerns floating around him, but the Jaguars need Gabbert to succeed, or else they'll be selecting another quarterback in 2013. And then another wide receiver in 2014, and so on, indefinitely. They have a lot of needs, but if they want the fanbase to believe in their offense—especially after they passed on Tim Tebow—they'll have to give Blaine Gabbert a little something to work with.

SB Nation St. Louis is just happy that something isn't Justin Blackmon in this mock. More mock draft analysis: