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NFL Mock Draft 2012: The Rams Return To Justin Blackmon

Just last month the St. Louis Rams were destined to select Justin Blackmon in every 2012 NFL Mock Draft. Just last week Justin Blackmon was a possession receiver the Rams absolutely mustn't select with the No. 6 pick in the draft Thursday. Now: Inevitability has set in. Walter Football has him there, with Fletcher Cox and Morris Claiborne seeming vaguely extraneous in their alternatives list.

The Rams have always needed a wide receiver, and Justin Blackmon has always been the best wide receiver on the board. He'll be able to play immediately, he'll be better than Brandon Gibson immediately—there's just not a lot to complain about. And after making an outstanding trade into the position, nothing-to-complain-about is a major win overall at sixth.

Sam Bradford's will be done, the Rams will have a receiver worth having in May.

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