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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Justin Blackmon Returns To St. Louis Rams Ubiquity

Ah, 2012 NFL Mock Draft ubiquity—I'm sure Justin Blackmon missed it. Now, in the final days before the real draft on Thursday, he and the St. Louis Rams have reconciled after a month or so of his falling down the draft board. SpreeGoogs is the latest to connect them, with Blackmon set as the last of the six ostensibly top-tier players to go.

This has always made sense to me—even if Blackmon were the worst-case-scenario Only A Possession Receiver guy who's been ossified into parody by mock drafters who seek out novelty, the Rams need that guy; they haven't had a reliable wide receiver for Sam Bradford yet, let alone one who could also be a dynamic presence downfield at the same time.

Meanwhile: Michael Floyd goes to No. 13 here. That's better than he started, but it suggests that his April momentum might stop a little short of the wildest projections, in which he was going in the Top 10.

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