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Steven Jackson Rumors: Rams Deny Contract, Trade Rumors

The St. Louis Rams have yet to draft Alabama Crimson Tide running back Trent Richardson, and they might not even get the chance to, or even have any interest in doing so. But persistent rumors that the team is interested in Richardson have brought on new rumors that Rams running back Steven Jackson is demanding either a new contract or a trade.

As far as both of those rumors go, Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Jackson has not demanded a new contract and that the Rams have no interest in trading him. Jackson's current contract pays him $7 million over the next two seasons, and though practically every NFL player would welcome a contract extension that guarantees more money, Thomas reports that Jackson is fine with his current deal.

Thomas also reiterates that if the Rams were to draft Richardson, they would in all likelihood keep Jackson around as well. Of course, the chances that Richardson falls to the Rams at No. 6 overall are very slim, but that hasn't— and won't— stop the rumor mill.

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