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NFL Draft Predictions: Robert Griffin III-Sam Bradford Comparisons Will Rapidly Become Unbearable

We'll be your 2012 NFL Draft masters of ceremony tomorrow, so please allow me to make my first unshakeable, brilliant NFL Draft prediction: You're going to get really tired of comparisons between Robert Griffin III and Sam Bradford almost immediately. Some specific things you will hate hearing about in less than 24 hours:

Sam Bradford's contract is worth $50 million guaranteed, and $78 million in NFL-speak. It is the largest contract any rookie has ever signed, and it will stay that way, because the new collective bargaining agreement means the Indianapolis Colts and—more importantly for our purposes—the Washington Redskins will save megabucks on Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. So that's exciting.

Sam Bradford didn't have a great year and the Rams are passing on Griffin, who did not play in the NFL. If he has a good year—and I'm not even talking Cam Newton good, just a good year—people will act as though the Rams turned down a standing Pro Bowler for the opportunity to watch Sam Bradford get sacked some more.

And you'll hate hearing about it.

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